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Garden Gallery

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

The Garden Gallery is a project for a new studio and gallery in Alby, Norfolk for an artist couple. We have designed a standalone gallery and studio in their garden where they can work and display art work. This explorative project was achieved through householder Class E Permitted Development Rights (PDR) but pushes the typical envelope of the PD parameters to achieve a scheme that is generous and innovative and also blends well into its rural setting.

The gallery sinks into the landscape closest to the main dwelling, partially concealed with a retaining wall The gentle gradient of the site has been utilised to maximise the ceiling height of the gallery at the furthest end of the building whilst the wall closest to the house does not exceed the 2.5m height set out by the guidance notes.

The house projects horizontally west, unveiling itself as the landscapes declines. The gallery turns its back on the main dwelling and opens out to the south facing sun, maximizing solar gain to the main gallery space. There are pocket studios facing all solar orientations each with appropriate light to suit a range of crafts. The north façade has a painting studio, the west façade a potting studio, the south east has a weaving studio and the north east has a cinema and dark room. The main gallery is large and flexible heterogeneous space to suit a number of functions, events and parties.

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